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With strong narratives and the latest content marketing trends, Banana Content aims to produce powerful and marketable content. We curate content in alignment with the different stages of the buyer’s journey to create a strong impression in the target audience’s minds. 

With a team that has years of experience in the digital marketing field, we leave no stone unturned to deliver content that will bring you profit. With our content marketing services, you will see immediate results in your SERP rankings, raise brand awareness and create loyal brand advocates. 

We will help you reflect your brand value and reach out to your target audience with curated content, keeping your buyer personas and long-term goals in mind. 

With lots of freelancers and content writers in the market, you might still be wondering why you should choose us. We offer optimised and marketable content at an affordable rate without compromising on the quality of our work.


Hiring Freelancer in the UK

Hiring an Employee

Hiring Banana Content

Freelancers mostly charge on a per-word basis, which can turn out to be costly for you in the long run.

Employees have different experiences and backgrounds. They might demand a high salary along with additional perks which can be costly for the company. 

Banana Content has a dedicated team that will provide you with an affordable content package that is budget-friendly and provides the best services.

Freelancers usually focus on writing the content; it is not in their scope as content writers to do SEO research for relevant keywords. 

A content writer hired as an employee will focus on writing the content. You need to hire SEO experts individually and pay them both to get the desired results.

We have a team of dedicated SEO experts and writers. As a one-stop shop, we would provide SEO-optimised content with well research keywords and links. 

Freelancers work at their own pace as they are not under any obligation; hence this may delay your deliverables. 

Employees work within a fixed time, and with too much on their plate, they may not always be able to deliver on time. 

At Banana Content, we allocate teams to single projects so they can stay invested in that particular project and ensure timely delivery within the turnaround time. 

Freelancers do research on the topics assigned to them and write the content. 

Full-time content writers are assigned topics to write on; hence their research is also limited to the topic assigned to them. 

At Banana Content, we do a competitor analysis and implement effective SEO strategies to publish content that will bring optimum results. Our extensive research with AI-based tools increases our chances of driving more revenue for clients. 

Freelancers are often working in different niches; hence their work is usually a mix of varied experiences. 

Full-time content writers who are freshers or new to the industry need time to understand the market’s pulse and deliver impactful content. 

Our team of experts has worked in different industries and niches. Their expertise in the field helps them produce quality content.  

Most freelancers are not liable to protect client data as they do not directly communicate with the client; hence they are not always bound to a contract to protect the client’s data. 

Not all employers are bound to an agreement with the client, and they are not always under the regulations of the NDA protocols either.

At Banana Content, we sign an NDA form before going on board with all our clients to ensure there is no breach of contract or privacy. We safe keep our clients’ data at all costs. 

Freelancers work on their own timings and are not obligated to address client queries at all times. 

Employees, too, have fixed working hours; hence they are not available to address the client’s issues outside their working hours. 

At Banana Content, we are available 24/7, all 365 days of the year, to respond to our clients in case of any issue or query. 

Freelancers understand the requirements of the client from an intermediary and create content. 

Full-time content writers are on their own, depending on their skills to produce content. 

Banana content focuses on Fractional Marketing, i.e., an entire team of experts sits to create one content piece with extensive research and AI-based tools