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Top 10 Content Marketing Tools You Should Use in 2024 

Top 10 Content Marketing Tools You Should Use in 2024 

The content marketing environment is fierce and cutting edge at this juncture in 2024 compared to the past years. 70% of B2C marketers already use content marketing, and almost 54.5% of businesses intend to spend more on content marketing in 2024. Thus, understanding what is the future of content marketing and why marketers need cutting-edge technology to attract attention and achieve notable results is crucial.

In this blog, we will introduce you to the top 10 content marketing tools you should use in 2024 free to help you get ahead of your niche with the latest technologies to polish your content strategy, boost audience involvement, and grow your business.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a method of marketing known for effectively attracting, engaging, and retaining audiences. Creating and sharing relevant content formats (written, audio, video, and image) helps to confront audiences across platforms like social media, websites, and ads. Content marketing, in short, increases brand awareness; content marketing establishes expertise while keeping your business in mind when buying what you sell.

Why You Should Use Content Marketing Tool? 

Content marketing plays a key role for at least three prominent reasons. 

  • First, the tools make the workflow much smoother and faster, eliminating the need for an excessive amount of manpower. This means more time is left for strategic planning and creative work. Scheduling the content, posting on social media, and SEO analysis can be automated so marketers have time to create enriching and engaging content. 
  • Using the best content marketing tools provides valuable stats and analytics, which can, in turn, be applied to formulate a good decision. Through these surveys, digital marketers access information on audience behavior, content performance, and competitor strategies. This, in turn, helps them to optimize their content for maximum impression and impact. It is a data-driven approach that is more efficient for targeting, better for ROI and for providing a better balance between marketing efforts and overall business strategy.
  • Content marketing tools provide for a smooth flow of collaboration and workflow in marketing teams. They facilitate effective communication, version control, and project management; hence, all team members are on the same page, moving as one to attain set milestones.

Top 10 Content Marketing Tools 

Content marketing tools enable us to run processes smoothly, optimize campaigns effectively, and track or measure the results in the current digital marketing world that is full of competition. With 2024, certain methods are noticeable in their capacity to accelerate content creation, spreading, and analysis. Here is the list of the top 10 content marketing tools you should use in 2024 for free:

1. Canva

Image Source: Canva

Canva is one of the most used free content marketing tools. It is a multiform platform and compacts the creation of engaging visuals such as infographics, social media posts, and presentations, simplifying it with its user-friendly outlook. Armed with an intuitive design and a wide range of templates, Canva doesn’t need one to be a professional designer; rather, with just a bit of experience, any marketer can create professional-looking visuals.

2. HubSpot

Image Source: Hubspot

Hubspot has all the tools to create and manage content in digital space. It comprises content management, email marketing, social media with scheduling, and CRM integration, simplifying the content production process and making content distribution smooth. It also yields fabulous analytical results to track engagement and ROI.

3. Semrush

Image Source: Semrush

Semrush is one of the most popular and widely used content research tools available for free.  It levels up content performance so that it can be optimized for SEO. It has citations analysis, backlink analysis, keyword research, content audits, and, ultimately, rank tracking, allowing data-driven decisions that are aimed at improving the website’s organic visibility and traffic.

4. Hootsuite

Image Source: Hootsuite Blog

Hootsuite is a famous and engaging social media management platform that helps users minimize hassle with the scheduling, monitoring, and engagement of updates across numerous accounts. Not only does it enable brands to schedule and optimize social media content, but it also provides marketers with analytics to monitor performance and conversational tools to update their followers’ experience in time.

5. BuzzSumo

Image Source: BuzzSumo 

BuzzSumo allows you to enjoy a rocking performance and analyze trends in the relevant industry. Marketers can identify hot topics, analyze competitor content to hone their strategy and discover influential voices to achieve a precise reach.

6. Grammarly

Image Source: Grammarly 

Grammarly is an app that irons out the griping errors and guarantees engaging and flawless content. Its grammar check points out mistakes, and its clarity tone helps enhance the quality of written communication.

7. Mailchimp

Image Source: Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a well-known email marketing tool where an individual can undertake a targeted email campaign as well as send automated messages. It has a lot of templates to maximize the effectiveness of content and induce conversion.

8. Vidyard

Image Spource: Vidyard 

It would seem that the consumption of video content is the top trend in marketing at the moment. Vidyard allows you to create videos, post them on any media, and control them with the help of powerful analytics. It supplies the details around viewers’ engagement with the videos to be used in ways to improve marketing strategies.

9. Ahrefs

Image Source: Ahrefs Blog

Ahrefs is one of robust SEO tools that provides detailed information about backlinks, keyword rankings, and content opportunities. Marketers can conduct detailed competitive analyses, capture anomalies with the help of SERP (an acronym for search engine result pages), and fully optimize their content to be at the top of search results.

10. Google Analytics

Image Source: Neil Patel Blog

To this day, Google Analytics is likely one of the measuring tools of choice for investigating site traffic and user behaviors. By pinpointing audience demographics, acquisition sources, and content performance-related data, it guides specific optimization plans for content based on real-time data.

Time to Shine: Unleash Your Content Potential with These Best Content Marketing Tools

Content marketing tools in such bundles have features for different issues in content adoption, distribution, and analysis derivation. With knowledge of the tools used for content marketing, you can tactically optimize content design and strategize for ever-progressing results. 

If you are looking to leverage content marketing and are unsure of where to start, you can contact Banana Content. Our team of professionals will help you navigate your content plan and curate content that brings leads to your business. 


Hootsuite is the best tool for managing social media posts.

HubSpot and Ahrefs are the best tools to enhance the website’s performance.

Google Analytics is the best tool for tracking content ROI.

Grammarly is the best tool for avoiding grammatical mistakes. 

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